Neurite Plot beta

Neurite Plot is a free, stand-alone Windows program. It is in the beta stage. It is provided “as-is”, without any express or implied warranty.

Neurite Plot is a program for tracing individual neurite. After clicking a starting point (either from cell body, end of a neurite, or any where on a neurite), the user can move the mouse to any location, and a trace between the starting point and the mouse location will be generated. Optionally, user can click to add a mid-point to control the trace. Neurite tracing can be done using the ImageJ plugins like Simple Neurite Tracer, but it requires adding and confirming midpoints and several other steps. Neurite Plot, although is currently limited to 2D images and lacks the flexibility coming with ImageJ, is very quick and easy to use.

The current version of Neurite Plot is pretty much a proof of principle program. However, we have used it to successfully measure microtubules with different post-translational modifications along and at the end of neurites.

How to use

A short close-captioned video tutorial.