Mengqi Chen

Graduate student2020 Sep


Bachelor of Science
Biological Science, Taiyuan Normal University, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
Master of Science
Biomedical Engineering, Sichuan University, West China Hospital, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Contact Information

University of Macau, E12-3049, Avenida da Universidade
Taipa, Macau, China
(+853) 8822-9104
(+853) 8822-2314
University of Macau, E12-3070, Avenida da Universidade
Taipa, Macau, China
(+853) 8822-9107

Research Interests

Cell secretion and the regulation of fibroblast cell migration.


  • Li Y, Chen M, Chang W. Roles of the nucleus in leukocyte migration. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 2022 Oct; 112(4):771-783.
  • Chen M, Ma Y, Chang W. SARS-CoV-2 and the Nucleus. International Journal of Biological Sciences, 2022 Jul; 18(12):4731-4743.
  • Chen M, Li R, Yin W, Wang T, Kang Y. Copper promotes migration of adipose-derived stem cells by enhancing vimentin-Ser39 phosphorylation. Exp Cell Res, 2020 Mar 15; 388(2):111859.
  • Liu Z, Jiang X, Chen M, Feng L, Kang Y. An oxygen-releasing device to improve the survival of mesenchymal stem cells in tissue engineering. Biofabrication, 2019 Aug 13; 11(4):045012.