Jingkai Gao

Graduate student2023 Jun


Bachelor of Engineering
Bioengineering, Anhui Science and Technology University, Fengyang, Anhui, China
Master of Science
Cell Biology, Shanghaitech University, Shanghai, China

Contact Information

University of Macau, E12-3052, Avenida da Universidade
Taipa, Macau, China
(+853) 8822-9104
(+853) 8822-2314
University of Macau, E12-3070, Avenida da Universidade
Taipa, Macau, China
(+853) 8822-9107

Research Interests



  • Gao J, Zhao Q, Sun J, Miao Y. Isolation and Identification of Endophytic Bacteria in Bulbophyllum Kwangtungense Schltr for Antimicrobial Activity. J Anhui Sci Tech Univ, 2019; 33(3):15-21.